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Are you an accidental or intentional leader?

Are you an accidental or intentional leader?

by Guest contributor Sheri Spencer on August 16, 2013

We are all leaders

Leading is the way we motivate and move others and ourselves into action.

We all lead in every area of our lives, either intentionally with purpose and passion or by default, unaware of our influence and impact.

What kind of leader are you?

Every day there are endless opportunities for all of us to lead and to harness the powerful energy that exists within and around us.

This energy shows in our thoughts, emotions and actions. Individuals exhibit energy, but so do groups. These forces can be destructive or constructive.

The founder of the Institute for Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Bruce D. Schneider, categorizes within Energy Leadership ™ the types as either:

  • catabolic (destructive) or
  • anabolic (constructive)

These energy categories are further divided into 7 Levels of Energy

Each level is characterized by a set of thoughts, emotions and actions.

The Individuals or groups that are primarily catabolic react to their circumstances with worry, fear, doubt, blame and anger.

Those that are primarily anabolic take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions and actions, look for and create opportunities that engage, enable and empower all, with an authentic ability to motivate, inspire themselves and others to be extraordinary.

An Energy Level is not good or bad; there are advantages and disadvantages at each level. It really depends on the situation and the desired outcome.

What can you do to engage, enable, and empower?

To motivate yourself and others into forward moving action, there are many Energy Leadership tools and techniques.

One of the most powerful barriers to reaching one’s potential is our world view and how we view ourselves.

To prevail, there is a set of four internal factors or Energy Blocks to consider and address through open-ended, empowering questions and other techniques to challenge them.


Premise: Personally held beliefs and attitudes are accepted as true.

Block: The limiting beliefs that hold us back. This is a generalization, stereotype or a belief about ourselves, the world or others that is limiting.

Example: Women with families don’t get promoted

How true is that belief, really?
Where did that idea come from?
How has that belief affected you?
What action can you take to let go of that belief?


Premise: Our world is created through our interpretations of reality and what we expect to happen.

Block: An opinion or judgment that we create about an event, person, situation or experience and believe to be true.

Example: I didn’t get promoted because my manager knows I don’t want to work weekends.

What’s another way to look at that?
What would someone else (co-worker, spouse) say about that?
What would someone who held an opposite viewpoint say about this?


Premise: Our view of the future is based on our past experiences.

Block: An expectation that because something happened in the past, it will happen again.

Example: I’ve been passed over for promotion every year, I will never get promoted.

Just because it happened that way in the past, what makes you think it will happen again?
What can you do to change the outcome in the future?
Which of your values are you honoring by taking or not taking these actions?


Premise: It’s not what we are that holds us back but what we think we are not.

Block: The fear or inner critic that tells you in some way that you are not enough

Example: I’m not smart enough to get promoted.

If your gremlin had a name what would it be? What would it look like?
How is your gremlin your total identity?
Who else are you?
What will you say the next time your gremlin appears?

So how can you become the kind of leader you want to be?

Conscious awareness of our energy, the energy of others and the ability to shift energy is the key when applied with skill and versatility suitable to the specific situation.

The tools and techniques of  iPEC Energy Leadership ™offers a well-defined process that develops a personally effective style of leadership. This process and your awareness of your style has the power to positively influence and change you and all those with whom you interact at the individual, group or organizational level.

Guest contributor Sheri Spencer

Sheri Spencer practices Energy Leadership Coaching. This partnership enables and empowers you to connect your inner purpose and passion with your outer goals to fulfill your aspirations and potential. As a coach, her only agenda is to help you achieve and sustain what you most deeply desire, so that you grow from good to great.

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