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Why I need a coach

Why I need a coach

by Guest contributor John Stepper on August 30, 2013

From the age of 5 to 23, I spent much of my weekdays with teachers. People I could learn from or rely on for help or guidance. Then, for decades after, I stopped.

As I struggled through some of the most difficult times in work and life, I almost never asked for help at all.

Isn’t that odd? Why would I get more instruction and assistance for trigonometry than for making work and life more fulfilling?

What is coaching, anyway?

For sure, there have been helpful people in my life.

My parents were supportive but lacked the experience to help me at work.

I’ve had the occasional good manager, but most lacked the empathy and emotional objectivity you need in a good coach. After all, you can’t reasonably expose your fears and weaknesses about work to the same person who’s paying you for that work.

If these people can’t coach you, who can? And what would they do?

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Guest contributor John Stepper

John is changing how people work at Deutsche Bank using collaboration platforms, communities of practice, and public social media. He writes about making work more effective and fulfilling at and on Twitter as @johnstepper

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