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Turning two, something new

Turning two, something new

by Moyra Mackie on February 21, 2015

Two years ago I published my first post as the Coach with the Green Hat.

Well, being an anxious over-achiever I launched with two posts, one about the beginning of my studies at Ashridge and the other about the (non-existent) differences between Leadership and Management. That latter article is still one of the most read posts on this site.

Since then, I have been grateful for the support of three other great writers and friends, Paul Jenkins, Abigail Hunt and John Stepper, who have encouraged me to “keep shipping” and keep putting myself into my writing.

It is always fascinating to see which posts garner the most support and where they get shared.  I’m also humbled that three of the other top five most read posts – on feedback,  listening and presenting  – have found an enthusiastic audience, despite the presence of millions of other articles on the topic floating around the web.

The other post in the top five, is the one I feel the most connected to and that is one I wrote  in September, following a trip back to Zimbabwe, the place my soul still calls home.

This post was inspired by a real-life story of courage, leadership and emotional intelligence when a Zimbabwe guide called Nic Polenakis stood his ground in front of a very agitated elephant.

I am so pleased that Nic will be the host and guide at my leadership retreat in Zimbabwe in September, Campfire Conversations.

So that’s one new thing for 2015.

The other new thing is my decision to begin publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform

The first post is again one on Leadership – but this time on the effects of stress on decision making and effectiveness.  Please join the conversation here.

I will continue to post here and invite guests to contribute too.

Perhaps you could let me know what you would like to read about most over the next year?


P.S The title photo and all my social media profile pictures, including the one on my company Facebook page, were taken by my friend and professional photographer, Rebecca Fennell.  They were shot on a glorious autumn day at Ashridge Business School.

Moyra Mackie

Moyra Mackie

Moyra Mackie helps leaders and teams to work with courage, compassion and creativity. She is an executive coach and consultant and the founder of Mackie Consulting.

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